Race Info

The event is based at the Powerhouse Precinct on Hugh King Drive in Mildura, just walking distance from town and right on the riverfront.

Late Registration

Late registration is likely to be offered for all distances (except the Kids Dash – see below) between 7.30am and 8.30am on the Sunday morning of the event at the start/finish area across the road from the Powerhouse Hall. There is no extra fee for late registration but due to the large number of entrants we cannot guarantee a MEDAL on the day for all late registrants (however we will get one to you after the event if you miss out).  Late registration for the FREE  Kids Dash  at 2.00pm will be open all day on the Sunday until 1.30pm  at the start/finish area. Late registration fees are Marathon $95; Half Marathon $75; 10km $50; 5km $25 and 2km FREE. 

Start Times (provisional – wave starts may be required) 

9.00am: Marathon (runners only). No official cut-off time but let us know on the day if you expect to finish in more than five hours.  Any participant that takes more than 3 hours for the first half of the marathon will be strongly encouraged to retire from the event at that time.  They will be awarded a half marathon medal and ribbon and be included in the results for the half marathon.

9.30am: Half marathon (runners only). No cut-off time but let us know on the day if you expect to
finish in more than three hours.

9.40am: 10km (runners and walkers) No cut-off time.

9.50am: 5km (runners and walkers) No cut-off time.

2.00pm: 2km MDAS KIDS Dash for U12s (Parents can walk/run with their children) – FREE EVENT but registration still required. This is an untimed event so although participants will have a race bib as a memento, no times will be recorded as we want the event to be a pressure-free celebration of physical activity.  Children can run, hop, dance, ride on Dad’s shoulders or whatever over the 2km course.  If older siblings, friends or relatives want to run alongside their young event entrants, no problems.  But please, no prams, strollers or dogs as there may still be a few marathon runners on the course and children and parents will need to be mindful of this.  

PLEASE NOTE: Start times will be as close to this as possible but wave starts may be necessary for some of the event categories if large numbers enter.

Course Descriptions

2km MDAS Kids Dash: Starting and finishing on the path opposite the Powerhouse Hall the course is an out-and-back utilizing the first 500m of the Mildura Weir parkrun trail each way as well as the 500m from the Powerhouse to the start of the parkrun trail.

5km event: Starting and finishing on the path opposite the Powerhouse Hall the course is a simple out and back utilising most of the Mildura Weir parkrun course.

10km event: An out and back starting opposite the Powerhouse Hall then proceeding to the parkrun course then an extra 2km beyond Apex Park on the riverfront trail.

Half-Marathon: An out and back starting opposite the Powerhouse Hall then on to the parkrun course then a further 7.55km on the riverfront trail beyond Apex Park

Marathon: The half-marathon course x 2

PLEASE NOTE:  The course for each event category involves riverbank trails which are subject to damage in extreme weather events.  Organizers reserve the right to change aspects of the course should some sections become flooded or damaged.  Any changes will be communicated to entrants prior to event day.   We would also like to stress that the course is narrow in parts and all runners and walkers are expected to be courteous and kind to their fellow competitors.  At times you may be slightly delayed by a runner in front of you or by one coming in the opposite direction.  The window for Olympic qualification has sadly closed so please be patient and accept that this is may not the course to set your PB for your chosen distance.  We have pacers for the the marathon and half marathon, thanks in large part to the Spartans Club from Melbourne.  However runners are asked not to clump around a pacer as the path is simply not wide enough to accommodate this. 

Bib and T-Shirt Collection

Race bibs and pre-purchased t-shirts can be collected before the event on three separate occasions:-

  • On Friday 6th June from 12 noon – 2pm at MDAS next to the water tower on Orange Ave
  • On Saturday 7th June from 9am – 11am opposite the Powerhouse Hall on Hugh King Drive
  • On race day between 7.30am and 8.30am (or  until 1.30pm for the 2km MDAS Kids’ Dash for U/12s) at the start line opposite the Powerhouse Hall
We are hoping as many runners and walkers as possible pick up their bibs BEFORE race day to avoid congestion on the morning.  Friends or family can pick up your race bib without any fuss.
Personal Items

Personal items can be left in the marquee at the start line which will be staffed throughout the event.

Drink Stations

There will be three drinks stations on the course. One at the starting line which is also the half way mark for the marathon event.

 Another one will be at the turnaround point for the 10km (5km mark) and another one at the turnaround point for the marathon and half marathon (10.55km mark).

Marathon and half marathon runners will then have drink stops at 5km, 10.55km and 16.1km (Half Marathon runners) and additional drink stops at 21.1km, 26.1km, 31.65 km and 37.2 km (Marathon runners). Marathon and half marathon runners are encouraged to wear hydration vests or carry a refillable container but there will be cups available at the hydration stations. There will also be some lollies available at the stations. 

Near the start line there is also Shippy’s café with coffee and food for sale before and after the race and free fruit will be available for all participants at the finishing line. 


All finishers for the marathon, half-marathon, 10km and 5km events will receive an iconic Mildura Riverfront Marathon Festival Medal to commemorate their achievement. The artwork for the medal is depicted at the top of this page. Trophies will be awarded to the first
three males and first three females of the marathon, half marathon and 10km events and the first
male and first female of the 5km event. Award ceremonies will be held  progressively through the morning and early afternoon.

First Aid

St John’s will be providing first aid support for the event with 2 staff members and a vehicle. They will be based at the start/finish line but can provide any first aid on the course where required.  All participants are asked to carry a mobile phone with them so that they can call St John’s or 000 if they or a fellow competitor needs help.

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